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Hull boat cleaning machine

Hull boat cleaning machine

2019-08-01 11:12

Taking advantage of cavitation jet cleaning technology, we can clean ships underwater efficiently, safely and environmentally friendly, prolong docking repair time, increase navigational speed and reduce fuel consumption. Practical applications strongly prove that the cleaning effect has reached international advanced level, and our company is the only one that independently research and develop, produce and sell cavitation jet cleaning gun, cleaning plate and all corollary equipment in China.
Development and application of the cavitation jet cleaning technology is of great significance for ships and other objects long-soaked in water, and solves the underwater engineering puzzle that bothers people for long. We don’t need to drag or draw the object ashore when we adopt cavitation jet cleaning technology, instead, we can clean the surface of the object underwater. Hence, this technology plays a key role in maintenance and safe handling of all kinds of underwater facilities. It can not only low down the occurrence probability of breakdown and hazard, and it’s easy to repair and detect and can maintain good performance, it can also save plenty manpower and material resources, reduce time consumption and fare expenditure, and create substantial economic benefits.

It is suitable any kinds of underwater facility, sufficient power, convenient operation and easy mainteance. Multiple cavitation gun, polish disk, cavitation disk

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