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Air inlet filter 2

Air inlet filter 2

2019-07-31 12:54

Air inlet filter
With high fracture resistance, the media is made from the gradual density polyester fiber in hot melt way.
By adding glue to strengthen the hardness and ensure its dust holding capacity and structure
Beautiful and easily distinguished inlet side(blue or green) from outlet side(white)
Non-flammability, self-extinguish conforms to DIN53438 F1 and UL900-Class2
Temperature resistance :100℃; Instantaneous temperature:120℃
Anti-humidity:100% , washable
Filter particles: ≥5 um
Large dust holding capacity, low initial resistance and long service life, economical
Certified EN779
Application: This series of filters are designed for seriously polluted general ventilation and the entrance of the air control series as pre-filtration or coarse filtration.
Applied in air conditioning, air ventilation systems and air supply system as a pre-filter in dusty situation
As a pre-filter in spray systems and baking devices, it also helps to uniform the air flow
Served in roll or piece, it can be widely used in panel filter, pleated filter and pocket filter
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