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ceiling filter

ceiling filter

2019-07-31 12:53

Ceililng filter

  • Made from anti-break polyester fiber in hot-melt way, the filter media has a long service life because of its net or cloth surface and the gradual density fiber towards pure air side.

  • With surface glue, it makes the particles unable to get through.

  • Large dust holding capacity, low initial resistance, long service life and economic

  • Non-flammability, self-extinguish conforms to DIN53438 F1 and UL900-Class2

  • Certified EN779,F5

  • Temperature resistance :100℃; Instantaneous temperature:120℃

  • Anti-humidity:100%

  • Filter particles: ≥1 um

Application: mainly applied in spray-paint industry, especially for the final filtration in spray booth.

  • Ceiling filtration at paint spray booth

  • Pre-filtration for paint spray system and air cleaning system in general industry

Pre-filtration for air supply system, it helps to uniform the air flow

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