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Shenyang Maiersen Enviro-Tech Co.,Ltd located at Shenyang China (Northeast China), is a firm of product R&D, manufacturing, sales, supplying and service after sales of air purification products and environment protection products to worldwide market. MESFILTER engaged in Air purification product, Environmental protection products and so on. The mainly products include:
Cleaning passage, clean bench, Air shower, FFU(Fan Filter Unit), pass box/window, HEPA box, High efficiency static pressure box, door, and other purification equipment and products for clean room and HVAC ventilation system. High Efficiency Particulate Air Filter, medium efficiency filter, primary efficiency particulate air filter, tank type air filter, bag/pocket type air filter, Pre-filter media, ceiling filter, paint stop filter, activated carbon filter, activated carbon pocket filter , filter paper, filter frame and so on
  • Hull boat cleaning machine

  • kitchen hood duct cleaning robo

  • Air duct cleaning robot and mac

  • Liquid filter bag(PP or Nylon)

  • oil filter

  • Liquid filter

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